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Flatbed Cargo Control Trailer Equipment

1" x 12ft Motorcycle Tie-Down Set


Perfect for Motorcycle Carriers.

Set Includes:

4pcs of 1" x 12ft Ratchet Tie-Down Straps with vinyl black coated S-Hooks

Breaking Strength: 2,200LBS
Safe Load Limit: 700LBS


1"x 16ft Ratchet Strap Heavy Duty Double J Hooks with D Rings SET


Set Includes

4pcs of 1" x 16ft Black Polyester Ratchet Straps

The Double J hooks (also known as finger hooks) are NOT Vinyl coated.

Breaking Strength: 3000 LBS

Safe Load Limit: 1000 LBS


1''x15'' Nylon Motorcycle Strap Endless Sling 1 Ply


Weight: 1 Lb
Capacity: 3200 Lbs

Basket Hitch:  6400 Lbs

Vertical Hitch:  3200 Lbs

Choker Hitch:  2300 Lbs

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