Towing Chain SALE

Expires 10-30-2016

Wheel Lift Straps

Our Patented Stainless Steel 3" Underlifts
Discounted for a limited time
$219.99 & Free Shipping
Sold in SET: 2 SS Underlift Ratchets w/ 7 ft Long webbing & 1 Torque Tool
  • Working Load Limit: 6,666 LBS
  • Breaking Strength: 19,800 LBS

  • Underlift Ratchet Strap from mesuppliesusa on Vimeo.


    Ratchet Straps

    4pc Standard Ratchets with Chain Ext. + 4pc 2"x14' Straps with Chain Ext.


    This Tie-Down Set Includes:

    4pc Standard Ratchets with Chain Extension

    4pc 2"x14FT Straps with Chain Extension


    1-1/2 Ton Manuel Lever Chain Hoist

    Me Supplies

    Premium alloy chain.  360° handle rotation.  Chain hoist is equipped with a hardened top and bottom shipyard hook.

    Minimum Load for this chain puller to work properly: 99 lb.

    • Rated Capacity: 3/4-ton
    • Tested Load: 0.94-ton
    • Chain diameter: 1/4"
    • Handle length: 11-1/5"
    Chain Lift

    1/2" Gr80 Axle Chain w/ Omega Link -Sold in Pair


    Working Load Limit: 12,000 LBS
    Chain Size: 1/2''
    Chain Grade: 80

    ME Blog

    Steering Wheel Lock with Ratchet Strap
    A quick and easy way to safely secure & tighten steering wheels for transport



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