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Steel Coil Racks

We offer light duty and heavy duty steel coil racks, our coil racks are one-piece construction, which provides extra support, and these coil racks can handle both light and heavy duty applications.

Mostly the coil racks are used for securing steel coils on the flatbed trucks, usually used with lumber blocks to provide extra cradling of the coils, both lumber blocks and coil racks have black lacquer finish.

New D.O.T. cargo securement standards specifically address securement of metal coils. If you choose to use chocks with metal coils then coil racks or coil bunks have to be in place to prevent the chocks from coming loose in the transit.

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Coil Racks

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Heavy Duty Steel Coil Rack

Finish: Black Lacquer Metal Gauge: Heavy Duty 1/4'' Steel Sheet Per ASTM A36 Weight: 15.7 lbs Width: 4.0'' Overall Length: 40'' Distance between: Inner Chokers: 17.0'' Middle Chokers: 26.5'' Outside Chokers: 35.0''
Price $34.95

Light Duty Steel Coil Rack

Finish: Black Lacquer Metal Gauge: 10 Weight: 5.7 lbs Width: 2.7'' Choker Width: 2.75'' Overall Length: 33''
Price $9.95