Truck Winches


The truck tie down winches are made with different base settings to meet your all kinds of cargo control requirements and flatbed tie down applications, our winches feature solid steel mandrels wiich are seamless by strict measure, high strength alloy pawl pins and powder coated finish to make winches abrasion and rust resistance.

Our truck winches comply with all DOT and California CHP regulations, and meet the requirement of WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard, the high quality truck winches are part of the securement system which makes the road safe for all of us.

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With our quality and money back guarantee, you wil never go wrong with our trucking safet products. And don't foget you get free shipping with qualified orders.

Truck Winches

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2'' Lashing Winch Truck -...

2" Lashing winch with Double Hex for both right and left hand This 2'' lashing winch can tighten up to 3 feet of 2'' webbing on the winch. Specification: Weld-on or bolt on (2 pre-drilled mounting holes). Easy Release Handle. Pry bar and Hex Drive.  WLL 3,3333 lBS BS 10,000 LBS Capacity (lbs.): 5 Ton Works With: 2 in. Webbing  
Price $13.49

4'' Bolt On Winch Truck Tie...

Bolt On Winch allows adjustability of winch placement Storable truck bolt on winch holds approx. 50’ of 4" Webbing Screws are included Working Load 5,500 lbs  
Price $37.99