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Original All Purpose Skates...

This original USA made all purpose skate is not only the first to hit the market; but still remains to be the hardest and slickest. No other skate will hold up or compare to the original all purpose skate. To use the skate, all you have to do is place it under each wheel. Take your 6 lb. sledge hammer or heavier then proceed to hit the back of the skate on the heel which will force the skate to slide under the tire. Not only will the all purpose skate cut down the resistance by at least 2/3rd’s, but it will also help line up the vehicle or object to the direction you are pulling from. You don’t have to worry about any residue or paint coming off the skate while in use. The all purpose skate lives by its name because it will work great for other applications such as moving equipment and much more. Dimensions- 15 3/4″L  x 3 1/2 x 3 1/2″ H.
Price $54.95

All Purpose Skates 16'' Big...

The Big and Tall Skates have the same toughness and slickness as the All Purpose Skates but just more of it! Not to mention the Big and Tall Skates have a higher wider heel which will eliminate the roll over. Meaning vehicles are less likely to roll over the skate with the tires when on the Roll Back or trailer. Dimensions 16″ L x 5 1/2″ W x 5 1/2″H. Cable loop on skate in designed for caring and storing purposes. Big and tall skates are sold in pairs.
Price $114.95

6'' Container Skates with...

Patented USA products.  Designed to ease the resistance when loading and unloading containers.  Resistant to rust, oil, and grease.
Price $174.95

6'' Control Arm Skate

Patented USA made products.  is designed to be the solution for any broken ball joint or control arm, axle end twisted off from seized bearings, missing longest, stolen wheels and much more. The radius of either end of control arm skate will help the ease of loading and unloading without removing and reinstalling anything.  This quality product will have the clearance height you need and will resist any rust, oil, and grease. The size of this skate is 191/2″L x 51/2″W x 51/2″H. *wire rope made for carrying only*
Price $114.95

6'' Container Skates Low...

6'' Container Skates Low Profile with Plug Sold in Pair
Price $94.95

Wheel Chock Rubber...

Wheel Chock Rubber 11.2''X7.87''X5.9''
Price $24.95