Stainless Steel Series


A304 decorative and A316 Industrial Stainless Steel Series

A316 stainless steel chain is non-magnetic alloy chains, composed of Manganese, Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum, and the chain is made to ASTM 80 spectification. A316 alloy stainless steel chain is highly resistant to chemicals, salt water and it will not spark. People use A316 chain in food processing, fishing, marine and industrial applications when high resistent of corrosion is required.

A304 stainless chains are mostly for decorative and low load application, it has the same alloy componets except Molybdenum, and A304 chain has lower working load limit than A316 chain, also A304 chain is longer pitch link made to NACM specifications.

Stainless Steel Series

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