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Towing Supplies, such as tow straps, tow chains, actually you can use grade 70 chains as tow chains, you just need different hooks than the one used in transportation. And the hitch ball is a must have for your pickup truck!


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Purple Polyester Round...

Purple Polyester Round Endless Loop Sling VERTICAL: 3,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 2,600 LBS) CHOKER:   2,400 LBS (US typical capacity: 2,100 LBS) BASKET:    6,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 5,200 LBS) Color coded to WSTDA specifications
Regular price $29.12 Price $28.32

5/16'' x 8' Auto Transport...

8FT long Chain with T-J & Grab Hooks other end Grade 70 Chain 5/16" Chain Diameter Working Load 4,700 lbs
Price $29.95

2" Painted Yellow Weldless...

Working Load: 102,600 LBS
Price $239.99

5/16" Connecting Link Grade...

Working Load Limit: 5,500 LBS Material: Alloy Steel Designed for use with both Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain. Proof Tested at two and half times Working Load Limit. Locking system that provides for simple assembly and disassembly - no special tools needed. 25% stronger than Grade 80 connecting links. Meets ASTM A-952-96 standards for Grade 100 chain fittings. Forged Alloy Steel - Quenched and Tempered. Fatigue rated.
Price $19.95

V-Bridle Tow Strap, 3 Ply,...

3" Wide, 3 Ply Gray Polyester Webbing Working Load Limit: 5400 LBS Breaking Strength: 16200 LBS
Price $66.95

2" x 8' Tow Strap with Flat...

Also known as an Eagle Claw Strap Working Load Limit: 3,333 LBS Breaking Strength: 10,000 LBS Eagle Claw Towing Strap from mesuppliesusa on Vimeo.  
Regular price $14.95 Price $13.00

Towing Mini J Hook Eye...

Working Load Limit: 4700 LBS
Price $4.95

Towing Hook T Hook on Pear...

Working Load Limit: 4700 LBS
Price $5.95

5/16''x 2' V Bridle Tow...

Working Load Limit: 4700LBS Leg Length: 2 feet Chain Grade: 70
Price $43.95

Protection Sleeve Wear Pad...

This black protection sleeve is deal for protecting cargo and vehicles during transportation.
Regular price $10.95 Price $9.45

9/32-5/16" Eye Foundry Hook...

 9/32-5/16" Eye Foundry Hook Grade 100 PEWAG Specs:Working Load Limit: 5700 LBSBreaking Strength: 28000 LBSOpening: 2.52''Overall Length: 6.73''Overall Width: 4.65''Eye Dia.: 0.94''Eye Wire Dia.: 0.43''
Regular price $79.95 Price $74.95

1/4" Screw Pin Anchor...

1/4" G209 Hot Dip Galvanized Shackle Working Load Limit: 1/2 Ton
Price $1.69

24'' Bolt Cutter Hand Type...

This hand type bolt cutter is designed for cutting truck seals, chain, wire and bolts. Specification: Type: Hand TypeCuts up to 3/8'' thick
Price $79.95

1/2'' Clevis Grab Hook...

1/2'' Clevis Grab Hook Safety Latch Grade 70
Price $16.99

6' Polyester Round Sling...

6' Polyester Round Sling Endless Lift Sling Purple 3000LBS Vertical
Price $9.35

18' Polyester Sling Endless...

18' Polyester Sling Endless Lift Sling Yellow 9000LBS Vertical
Price $54.95

40' Lift Sling Round...

40' Lift Sling Round Polyester Endless Sling Red 14000LBS Vertical
Price $269.95

10' Polyester Endless Sling...

10' Polyester Endless Sling Round Lift Sling White 17000LBS Vertical
Price $84.95

14' Round Sling Polyester...

14' Round Sling Polyester Endless Lift Sling Gray 32000LBS Vertical
Price $175.88

U Bracket with Pin

U Bracket with Pin
Price $1.95

5/16''x8' Tow Chain...

5/16''x8' Tow Chain Transport Chain R T Forged Mini J Hook Cluster
Price $31.99

2''x6' Nylon Lift Sling...

2''x6' Nylon Lift Sling Straight Eye Eye 2 Ply 6400 Lbs Vertical
Price $21.95

5/16''x3' Tow Chain V...

5/16''x3' Tow Chain V bridle 3' Leg T J Hook Pear Link
Price $54.95

Hitch Ball 2''x3/4''x1-1/2''

Hitch Ball 2''x3/4''x1-1/2''
Price $6.49