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Towing Supplies, such as tow straps, tow chains, actually you can use grade 70 chains as tow chains, you just need different hooks than the one used in transportation. And the hitch ball is a must have for your pickup truck!


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3" x 2' Tow Strap with Long...

Working Load Limit: 4,700 LBSBreaking Strength: 14,100 LBS
Price $28.95

5/16''x 10' J Hook Tow...

Features a 15''J hook one end & Grab Hook other end Grade 70 Chain 5/16" Chain Diameter Chain length 10 Feet Working Load 4,700 lbs
Price $51.95

Blue Polyester Round Sling...

VERTICAL: 23,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 21,200 LBS) CHOKER:   18,400 LBS (US typical capacity: 17,000 LBS) BASKET:    46,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 42,400 LBS)
Price $258.00

7/8" Painted Yellow Master...

Working Load: 15000 LBS
Price $26.75

7/8" Connecting Link Grade 100

Working Load Limit: 41,800 LBSMeets ASTM A-952-96 standards for Grade 100 chain fittings.Forged Alloy Steel - Quenched and Tempered.Fatigue rated.
Price $94.95

V-Bridle Tow Strap 3Ply 8''...

3" Wide, 3 Ply Gray Polyester Webbing Working Load Limit: 5400 LBS Breaking Strength: 16200 LBS
Price $61.95

2''x 8' Keyhole Wheel Lift...

2''x 8' Keyhole Wheel Lift Strap Working Load Limit: 3,333 LB. Breaking Strength: 10,000 LB.
Regular price $9.95 Price $8.00

Forged Mini J Hook Tow Hook...

Working Load Limit: 4700 LBS
Price $4.95

RTJ Hook Cluster w/ Grab...

Easy To Use Cluster Hook (RTJ) has 3 hooks attached together. Each one has it's own application. R (Ford) hook has 25,000 LBS breaking strength and 8,333 LBS  working load limit T (GM/Chrysler) hook has 16,000 LBS breaking strength and 5,333 LBS working load limit J (Foreign) hook has 18,800 LBS breaking strength and 4700 LBS working load limit Master Link for easy and reliable connection
Price $13.95

Original All Purpose Skates...

This original USA made all purpose skate is not only the first to hit the market; but still remains to be the hardest and slickest. No other skate will hold up or compare to the original all purpose skate. To use the skate, all you have to do is place it under each wheel. Take your 6 lb. sledge hammer or heavier then proceed to hit the back of the skate on the heel which will force the skate to slide under the tire. Not only will the all purpose skate cut down the resistance by at least 2/3rd’s, but it will also help line up the vehicle or object to the direction you are pulling from. You don’t have to worry about any residue or paint coming off the skate while in use. The all purpose skate lives by its name because it will work great for other applications such as moving equipment and much more. Dimensions- 15 3/4″L  x 3 1/2 x 3 1/2″ H.
Price $54.95

Self Locking Swivel Hook...

Price $249.95

V-Bridle Tow Strap 3''x...

Combination Tow Strap & Chain V-Bridle 3''x 24'' Strap with a 12" Chain extension and RTJ Cluster at end.  3-Ply Grade 70 5/16" Chain Working Load Limit: 5400 LBS Breaking Strength: 16200 LBS Not for recovery
Price $69.95

5/8" Screw Pin Anchor...

5/8" G209 Hot Dip Galvanized Shackle Working Load Limit: 3-1/4 Ton
Price $5.75

20 2''x20' Tow Strap with...

20 2''x20' Tow Strap with Safet Slip Hooks Heavy Duty
Price $199.99

Hitch Ball 2-5/16''x1''x2''

Hitch Ball 2-5/16''x1''x2''
Price $6.95

4' Round Lift Sling...

4' Round Lift Sling Polyester Endless Sling Green 6000LBS Vertical
Price $9.95

10' Polyester Round Sling...

10' Polyester Round Sling Endless Lift Spansets Yellow 9000LBS
Price $31.95

16' Round Lift Sling...

16' Round Lift Sling Polyester Endless Sling Red 14000LBS Vertical
Price $109.95

14' Endless Sling Polyester...

14' Endless Sling Polyester Round Lift Sling Blue 23000LBS Vertical
Price $112.95

7/8'' Screw Pin Anchor...

7/8'' Screw Pin Anchor Shackle Clevis Hot Dip Galvanized G209
Price $11.95

2'' Flat Snap Hook Towing...

2'' Flat Snap Hook Towing Tie Down
Price $4.95

5/16''x10' Tow Chain...

5/16''x10' Tow Chain Transport R T Compact Mini J Hook Cluster
Price $35.95

3''x10' Nylon Lift Sling...

3''x10' Nylon Lift Sling Straight Eye Eye 2 Ply 8600 Lbs Vertical
Price $38.00

ME 1/2'' Self Locking...

ME 1/2'' Self Locking Swivel Hook Grade 100
Price $126.95