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Towing Supplies, such as tow straps, tow chains, actually you can use grade 70 chains as tow chains, you just need different hooks than the one used in transportation. And the hitch ball is a must have for your pickup truck!


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4 Ton Snatch Block with...

Our Snatch Blocks meet or exceed all DOT requirements. Specification: WLL: 8,800 lbs/ 4 Ton All Steel Construction Bronze Bushings Swivel Shackle 3/8 in. Grade 100 Chain 30'' Grade 100 Clevis Grab Hook
Regular price $100.00 Price $90.00

5/16''x 12' Auto Transport...

Features a Heavy Duty Latched Sling Hook Grade 70 Chain 5/16" Chain Diameter Chain Length 12 Feet Working Load 4,700 lbs
Price $51.95

Gray Polyester Round Slings...

VERTICAL: 32,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 31,000 LBS) CHOKER:   25,600 LBS (US typical capacity: 24,800 LBS) BASKET:    64,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 62,000 LBS)
Regular price $259.95 Price $240.95

5/16" Connecting Link Grade 80

Working Load: 4500 LBS
Price $9.95

1-1/4" Connecting Link...

Working Load: 86,460 LBS Meets ASTM A-952-96 standards for Grade 100 chain fittings. Forged Alloy Steel - Quenched and Tempered.  Fatigue Rated
Price $289.95

V-Bridle Tow Strap, 3Ply,...

3" Wide, 3 Ply Gray Polyester Webbing Working Load Limit: 5400 LBS Breaking Strength: 16200 LBS
Price $34.95

2''x 8' Twisted Snap Hook...

2''x 8' Twisted Snap Hook Strap Crossover Wheel Lift Working Load Limit: 3,333 LB. Breaking Strength: 10,000 LB.
Regular price $12.00 Price $9.95

Eye Grab Hook Towing Hook...

Working Load Limit: 4700 LBS
Price $3.95

Long Shank Towing J Hook...

Drop Forged J Hook For use with 5/6" chain Working Load Limit: 5400 LBS  
Price $24.95

6'' Container Skates with...

Patented USA products.  Designed to ease the resistance when loading and unloading containers.  Resistant to rust, oil, and grease.
Price $174.95

Clevis Grab Hook Grade 100...

Price $34.95

Outrigger Pad 30 X 30 X 2 in.

Specification WARRANTY Limited Lifetime SURFACE TEXTURE Smooth BRAND Manufacturer Express DESCRIPTION Heavy Duty Outrigger Pads CONSTRUCTION UHMW HDPE THICKNESS INCHES 2 LENGTH INCHES 30 WIDTH INCHES 30 WEIGHT LBS 64 RATED CAPACITY LBS 100,000 CRUSHING RATING PSI 200 COLOR FINISH Black TYPE Medium to Heavy Duty Rope-style handle for easy carrying Sold individually    
Price $294.95

1/2" Grade 100 Container...

Used to safely move containers Assembly includes: 1/2" Grade 100 Chain 7/8" Grade 100 Master link 1/2" Grade 100 Connecting Links 1/2" Grade 100 Eye Grab Hooks Container Hooks WLL 15,000 lb Not for overhead lifting
Price $388.95

1/4'' Clevis Slip Hook...

1/4'' Clevis Slip Hook Grade 80 Safety Latch
Price $7.99

5/16'' Clevis Slip Hook...

5/16'' Clevis Slip Hook Grade 70
Price $3.49

8' Polyester Lift Sling...

8' Polyester Lift Sling Endless Sling Green 6000LBS Vertical
Price $17.95

12' Polyester Endless Sling...

12' Polyester Endless Sling Lift Round Sling Tan 12000LBS Vertical
Price $57.95

12' Polyester Endless Sling...

12' Polyester Endless Sling Round Lift Sling Red 14000LBS Vertical
Price $76.95

10' Round Sling Polyester...

10' Round Sling Polyester Endless Lift Sling Blue 23000LBS Vertical
Price $82.15

4'' Web Sling Shackle Round...

4'' Web Sling Shackle Round Pin Hot Dip Galvanized
Price $24.95

5/8'' Clevis Grab Hook...

5/8'' Clevis Grab Hook Grade 70
Price $19.99

ME 2''x8' Loop Wheel Lift...

ME 2''x8' Loop Wheel Lift Strap
Price $8.95

3''x16' Nylon Lift Sling...

3''x16' Nylon Lift Sling Straight Eye Eye 2 Ply 8600 Lbs Vertical
Price $69.95

ME 5/8'' Self Locking...

ME 5/8'' Self Locking Swivel Hook Grade 100
Price $244.95