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Load Binders


Load Binder is also known as chain binder, chain tensioners, normally used with grade 70 binder chains, it's main function is to tighten the steel chains around the loads. Load binders have 2 different flavors, ratchet binder and lever binders, with ratchet chain binder you can ratcheting the binder to tighten things up and lock binders in place, while with lever chain binder you can only tighten the chains with fixed length, and you need something else to lock the lever binder.

And there is something special with chain binders, usually a chain binder can be used with two different grades of chains, for instance, 5/16''-3/8'' chain binders can be used with grade 70 5/16'' binder chains and 3/8'' grade 43 steel chains, 3/8''-1/2'' means 3/8'' grade 70 chain and 1/2'' grade 43 chains, you get the idea. Since chain binders are manual tools, and the working load is controlled by hand operating, be careful don't overload the chain binders, use them within the rated working load limit.

The Chain Binders can be used with following steel chain products:

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We offer more chain products, such as machine chain, sash chain and coil chain, usually these chains are not for transportation and hauling.

Load Binders

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5/16'' Grade 100 Ratchet...

Working Load: 11400 LBSBreaking Strength: 22800 LBSHandle Length: 15"Take-UP length: 8.0"
Price $84.95

3/8'' Grade 100 Ratchet...

Working Load Limit: 17600 LBS Breaking Strength: 35200 LBS Handle Length: 15" Take-UP length: 8.0" Safety Pins on Both Hooks
Price $119.95

1/2'' Grade 100 Ratchet...

Working Load: 30,000 LBSBreaking Strength: 60,000 LBS
Price $199.95

2''x 8' Twisted Snap Hook...

2''x 8' Twisted Snap Hook Strap Crossover Wheel Lift Working Load Limit: 3,333 LB. Breaking Strength: 10,000 LB.
Regular price $12.00 Price $9.95

4" Plastic Corner Protector...

Price $1.49

9/32" PEWAG Grade 120 Load...

Specification: Working Load Limit: 5200 LBS Lever Length: 9.33''
Price $159.95

1/4"-5/16 Rachet Chain Load...

Working Load limit: 2600LBS Proof Load: 5,200LBS Typical Breaking Strength: 7,800LBS
Price $18.95

3/8" PEWAG Grade 120 Load...

Specification: Working Load Limit: 10600 LBS Lever Length: 13.98''
Price $179.95

1/2"-5/8" Ratchet Chain...

Working Load Limit: 13,000 LBS Proof Load: 26,000 LBS Breaking Strength: 39,000 LBS
Price $54.95

5/16''-3/8'' Ratchet Chain...

To be used with 5/16'' Grade 70 Chain or 3/8'' Grade 43 Chain Adjustable Range (as Take Up Length on Traditional Load Binder): 1 ft. Easy to use Working Range: 16'' - 28''  Working Load Limit: 5400 lb.

Price $69.95

3/8"-1/2" Ratchet Chain...

WLL 9200 LBS Proof Load 18,400 LBS Breaking Strengh 27,600 LBS Handle Length: 14" Take-UP length: 8.0"
Price $39.95

5/16''-3/8'' Chain Binder...

5/16''-3/8'' Chain Binder Load Binder Indirect Lever Type

Price $23.99

5/16"-3/8'' Ratchet Chain...

Working Load: 6600 LBSProof Load: 13,200 LBSBreaking Strength: 19,800 LBSDrop Forged Handle
Price $34.99

Mini Load binder Chain...

Mini Load binder Chain Binder 175 LBS WLL
Price $3.95

5/16''-3/8'' Ratchet Chain...

Working load: 5,400 LBSProof Load: 10,800 LBSBreaking Strength: 16,200 LBSHandle Length: 14"Take-UP length: 8"Barrel Length: 10''Drop Forged Handle
Price $33.99

Mini chain Load binder 375...

Mini chain Load binder 375 LBS WLL
Price $6.95

1/4"-5/16" Chain Binder...

Working Load Limit: 2600LBS Proof Load: 5,200LBS Typical Breaking Strength: 7,800LBS Handle Length: 11.57"
Price $13.95

1/2''-5/8'' Folding Handle...

1/2''-5/8'' Folding Handle Ratchet Load Binder Chain Binder
Price $99.50

5/16"-3/8" Load Binder...

Working Load Limit: 5400LBS Proof Load: 10,800LBS Breaking Strength: 19,000LBS Handle Length: 12.60" Take-UP Length: 4.72" Weight: 7.8LBS
Price $24.49

PEWAG Grade 120 Chain Load...

PEWAG Grade 120 Chain Load Binder 1/2'' 17900 WLL
Price $319.95

3/8''-1/2" Load Binder...

Working Load Limit: 9,200LBS Proof Load: 18,400LBS Breaking Strength: 33,000LBS Handle Length: 18.69" Take-UP length: 4.5"
Price $39.99

5/16''-3/8'' Quick Ratchet...

5/16''-3/8'' Quick Ratchet Binder Load Binder Folding Handle
Price $69.95

3/8'' Grade 80 Ratchet Load...

This grade 80 14200 LBS ratchet load binder alloy steel is designed for grade 70 3/8'' chain and grade 80 3/8'' chains, with 14200 LBS WLL this chain binder is perfect for high demand rigging and tie down applications. WLL 14200 LBSBreaking 8,400 LBSHandle Length: 11"Take-UP length: 8.0"Safety Pins on Both Hooks so the chain won't slip out of the hook accidentally.
Regular price $79.95 Price $72.95

1/2'' Grade 80 Ratchet Load...

Working Load: 24,000 LBSBreaking Strength: 48,000 LBS
Price $119.95