Lifting Slings


Lift Sling and hoists are tools used in many industries for moving large heavy loads in the workplace. Slings and hoists are available in hundreds, if not thousands, of options and styles.

Slings are used in combination with a lifting device. The most common lifting devices are overhead cranes, hoists, and forklifts.

We offer chain slings, polyester slings and nylon slings for rigging applications.

Lifting Slings

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Tan Polyester Round Slings...

Tan Polyester Round Endless Loop Sling VERTICAL: 12,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 10,600 LBS) CHOKER:   9,600 LBS (US typical capacity: 8,500 LBS) BASKET:    24,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 21,200 LBS) Color coded to WSTDA specifications
Price $94.95

Red Polyester Round Slings...

VERTICAL: 14,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 13,200 LBS) CHOKER:   11,200 LBS (US typical capacity: 10,600 LBS) BASKET:    28,000 LBS (US typical capacity: 26,400 LBS) Comes with WARNING sheet and safe practice instructions.
Price $269.95